The Wanderers

The Wanderers have been created for the purpose of visually depicting the types of visitors who relate and connect with our region and support the core themes of the Come Wander brand.  By identifying and internalizing the Wanderers, we begin to know what they think, what they like to do, and what motivates them to act. We can then be more strategic about inviting our ideal visitor to the region.

Creative Cruiser

Creative cruisers are eager to experience things that allow them to feed their innate curiosity to learn, grow and discover something – like new knowledge, skills, or a chance to pursue a developing passion.

Serenity Seeker

Serenity seekers prefer to wander more casually, often in and out of experiences, without planning or prior investigation. They are not in a hurry, and seek a quieter experience in contrast to their busy day to day life.

Freedom Finder

Freedom finders are self-motivated to find opportunities to explore enthusiastically, in a physical sense. They prefer to get up and get going, not sleep in. They love being the first to make fresh tracks, no matter what season.

Rustic Roamer

Rustic roamers prefer to wander, in and out of small towns and throughout the countryside with events unfolding in front of them in real time. They enjoy authentic, unscripted, organic experiences including warm, friendly, humble hospitality and the chance to meet and engage with locals.

Memory Maker

Memory makers look for experiences that can evolve into annual or time-honoured traditions they can expect to enjoy again and again. Meeting interesting characters and discovering original stories is key to the memories they seek to create.

What type of Wanderer are you?