Meet the Board: Tegan Legge, General Manager, Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve

Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve General Manager, Tegan Legge, has been living and breathing tourism since she a kid, and that passion has carried her forward through various tourism-focused roles before landing her at Haliburton Forest. After 12 years there, four in her current role, Tegan is doing what she loves best, growing a brand and connecting with the tourism world

It was five years ago that Tegan stepped forward to serve as a director on OHTO’s board, with a goal of strengthening Haliburton Forest’s connection to tourism, forging new partnerships, and learning more about how to promote tourism marketing in the region. What she’s gained from the experience has helped educate and inspire her work.

“It’s definitely the collaboration of sitting in a room with tourism leaders in our tourism world and be able to bounce ideas and move our brand forward,” said Tegan. “It’s a two-way street on the board, we bounce ideas off each other and it helps strengthen the community and our shared knowledge and experience.”

Tegan’s time on the board has benefitted her three-fold in that she is looks at tourism from three perspectives, as the general manager for Haliburton Forest, as an OHTO director, and also from a travel trade partnership. In fact, Tegan credits her role with the board of directors for introducing her to the travel trade.

“Would I have known about travel trade without serving on the board of directors? I’m not sure, it’s kind of a chicken or the egg question,” Tegan laughed.

Tegan’s biggest goal for serving on the board is to bounce ideas off the other board directors, to build relationships and help out where she can, in order to direct the organization in a prosperous direction.

Tegan was recently appointed as Chief Governance Officer (CGO) on OHTO’s board of directors, a new position for her, but one she is eager to take on, particularly in light of OHTO’s new strategic direction to strengthen communities through responsible tourism.

“I’m looking forward to the new opportunities and working with the board as CGO,” said Tegan. “I’m really excited to help drive the organization in its new direction in strengthening our knowledge and brand through responsible tourism.”

Interested in being on OHTO’s Board of Directors?

Share your vision for the future! OHTO’s Board of Directors is looking for energetic, positive and collaborative strategic thinkers to contribute to the growth of tourism in the region by volunteering to serve as a Director of the Board. Opportunities to fill vacancies are available to our members and interested individuals able to commit to a three-year term, are encouraged to click here for more information, or contact OHTO.

Submit your online application here.

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