Sharing Events: August 2019

We are thrilled to hear about more and more events being dreamed up and developed across Ontario’s Highlands! Visitor events can be a lot of fun, but are of course also a lot of work. On top of all the planning, coordinating, and set-up tasks, there is the challenge of marketing the event to drum up attendance.

This can be time consuming and expensive, but the payoff for the hard work and investment is worth it when smiling visitors not only enjoy themselves, but share their awesome experiences with their own networks, helping to inspire more people to visit and attend future events.

We’re always happy to help spread the word to our audiences and inspire people to check out the unique, fun, and sometimes quirky festivals and events taking place across the region. If you’re planning an event, here are our top three suggestions of simple, quick, and free ways to help spread the word:

1. Tell Us! We can’t share what we don’t know – The sooner you let us know about your event, the better. When we hear about events early, it gives us time to share them across multiple channels; to do things like feature them in a story on, share them on social media, and include them in our consumer newsletter. Here are some easy ways to keep us in the know:

  • Fill in our Seasonal Product Knowledge Forms – We send these out in the Highlands Highlight and also include at least one question about events happening in the upcoming season. Don’t subscribe to the Highlands Highlight? Sign up here.
  • Tag us on social media and use #ComeWander to make sure we see any posts about the event.
  • Send us an email with information about your event to [email protected].

2. Add Your Event to the Events Calendar – This is home to events happening all across Ontario and can be filtered to specific Ontario’s Highlands events, which is where we link visitors to for event information on You can create a free listing at

3. Share on Social – With easy to set up event pages on Facebook, and the simplicity for people to share messaging across every platform, social media is a cost-effective way to highlight your event and encourage your fans to share it with their networks. As mentioned above, remember to tag us and use #ComeWander to leverage your messaging and ensure we see it.

Happy event planning,

Julie Mulligan
OHTO’s Marketing Manager