Summer Content Push: July 2019

With our busiest tourism season in full swing, we’ve been working hard to gather, support, and push out visual content to highlight key summer experiences available in Ontario’s Highlands – and there’s more to come. Our summer content push has three pulses, each focused on one key experience and supported with additional efforts that include along-form video, tailored Shareable Moment videos, a story on, an Influencer trip, and content creation, all pushed through a targeted media buy on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll go further into detail about our promotional efforts to support this summer push a little later, but first, wanted to share the three key themes and timing for each push. Always working with a Visitor-First approach, our team identified these themes by researching things like:

  • Past content performance – what engaged readers and was a hit with our target audience
  • Search engine optimization – what key terms are bringing people to our website and enticing them to read stories
  • Trends – what’s buzzing on social media and what is our target audience looking to experience

From here, we identified the following three key themes to respond to our audience’s passions and interests, align with our Wandering Personas, and highlight some of our unique summer experiences.

1. Canadian Wilderness Adventures

  • Identified to respond to passion for Adventure Trips
  • Aligns primarily with Freedom Finder
  • Experiences include whitewater rafting, kayaking, backcountry camping, hiking, mountain biking
  • Dates of content push: June 25 – July 14

2. Backroad Burgs ‘n’ Brews

  • Identified to respond to passion for Culinary Travel
  • Aligns primarily with Rustic Roamer
  • Experiences include breweries, chip trucks, burger joints, and pubs
  • Dates of content push: July 22 – August 8

3. Mindful Moments in Nature

  • Identified to respond to passion for Relaxation and Disconnection
  • Aligns primarily with Serenity Seeker
  • Experiences include natural views, places to go to soak in the beauty of nature, places to disconnect from the every day
  • Dates of content push: August 19 – September 8

We’re working with DMO partners to further leverage the messaging, and have already travelled around the region earlier this summer to conduct video and photoshoots to gather visual content in support of these key themes.

Each pulse of our promotion will focus on one key theme and will include:

  • A story on, featuring businesses and experiences related to each key theme and linking visitors directly to operator websites for more information and to book
  • A video pushed out across our digital channels, driving visitors to the corresponding story on
  • Digital advertising on Facebook and Instagram – this includes Video Display Ads, Link Ads to content, and Remarketing Ads
  • 3 shorter ‘Shareable Moment’ videos shared throughout the course of the activation
  • A feature in our consumer newsletter
  • An Influencer travelling to Ontario’s Highlands and visually sharing their experiences through the Instagram channel in relation to the key theme – confirmed Influencers are: Andrew Szeto for Canadian Wilderness Adventures, Little Miss Ottawa for Backroad Burgs ‘n’ Brews, and Hopscotch the Globe for Mindful Moments in Nature

As you can see from the dates above, our first pulse has already taken place, with our Canadian Wilderness Adventures video launching June 25 and being supported in the ways outlined above. Results of this pulse are still being gathered, but we are happy to share that the story on has been a top performer and has already received over 5, 575 page views.

We are thrilled with the initial success of this first push and look forward to sharing and promoting the next two. Watch for future videos (Backroad Burgs ‘n’ Brews will launch Monday!) and be sure to share and engage on social media to help leverage messaging, increase reach, and encourage more people to Come Wander this summer.

Happy wandering,

Julie Mulligan

OHTO’s Marketing Manager

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