Visual Engagement: April 2019

Though recent weather might have tried to trick us, spring is here and we’re focusing our efforts now on planning ways to inspire visitors to Come Wander Ontario’s Highlands in the warmer months ahead. Before we make a total shift and pack up our parkas though, we wanted to take a quick look back at a successful winter season and share with you some of the outcomes we saw as a result of our digital marketing efforts.

Knowing the benefits of engaging visitors with visual content and the strength of video when it comes to storytelling, we once again integrated videos in our marketing efforts to inspire visitors over our snowy season. We took advantage of the snow that blanketed the region this winter to collect image and video footage to create videos around five key winter experiences in Ontario’s Highlands – three of which were promoted this winter with all five videos being used next winter.

The three videos shared this winter were focused on highlighting three key experiences and garnered the following results:

  • Snowmobiling: Received a reach of over 242,000 and 7,528 engagements
  • Dogsledding: Received a reach of over 229,600 and 12,516 engagements
  • Cabin Getaways: Received a reach of over 197,232 and 4,867 engagements

We partnered with operators in Haliburton County on this project, and the successes and results they saw at their businesses are a clear testament to the benefit of these types of partnerships. Here’s what some of our partners shared:

  • Tanya, from Winterdance Dogsled Tours, let us know that she could directly credit at least 14 new bookings to the video created, and that phone calls and emails to her team were way up from previous years and lasted later into the winter season. During the two-week period the dogsledding video was supported with an additional digital advertising push, she even shared that they were finding it a bit challenging to keep up with the volume – a great problem to have!
  • Tegan, from Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve shared with us a snapshot of their Google Analytics, comparing the two-week period the snowmobiling video had an extra push to the same two-week period last year. As you can see below, their website traffic was increased for the duration of this push, with more than double the users on some days.


We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: there is strength in numbers! The Come Wander brand was created to represent Ontario’s Highlands and share the stories from across the region. By working together to share the same message and promote the destination, we can increase the reach of our stories and inspire more people to visit our incredible region.

Happy wandering,

Julie Mulligan

OHTO’s Marketing Manager

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