Finding Yourself & Sharing Your Story: October 2018

With the busy summer season now behind us, we hope you’ve found time to take a little break for yourself – and also to have a look at the changes we introduced to As we previously shared, one of the biggest changes we introduced in the spring was the addition of a search feature.

This new addition not only allows visitors to find stories containing particular keywords and information about areas of interest they might have, it also helps you find yourself– or more accurately, your business.

When we first introduced our Monthly Guiding Questions in 2017, we were thrilled with the response they received and continue to be pleased each and every month as we read through the incredible stories and insider insight you have to share. As has grown, so has this program and we now have a collection of responses and a website chalk full of so many stories, it’s becoming a little onerous to manage (don’t worry, this is a good problem for us to have and we certainly aren’t complaining).

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to visit, type your business into the search bar at the top, and check out any stories you’re featured in. If you’ve been replying to Monthly Guiding Questions and can’t find yourself in any stories, please reach out to us at [email protected] to let us know.

We post new content at the beginning of every month, so be sure to visit frequently to search for your business and new ways you’re featured. And if you find stories, the best thing you can do is share them! Post them to your social channels, link to them on your website, send them out to your emailing list – sharing them helps increase their reach and best leverage the coverage.

We’re always looking for new stories and new spins on old stories to inspire visitors to Come Wander Ontario’s Highlands, which is why it’s important you respond to Monthly Guiding Questions as frequently as you can. Even though turnaround time for your response to be used can fluctuate, we store and reference all answers in our repository of responses to come up with fresh new content to share each month.

Together, we can inspire more visitors to Come Wander Ontario’s Highlands.

Yours in wandering,

Julie Mulligan

Marketing Manager, OHTO

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