The Power of Partnerships: August 2018

You’ve probably heard there’s strength in numbers and we couldn’t agree more. This summer, we’ve partnered with Destination Ontario on a co-marketing project to align our messaging, tap into a larger audience, and increase the reach of stories from across Ontario’s Highlands.

This project is still being executed and is allowing us the chance to leverage our marketing dollars and work with our provincial partners to not only create content about Ontario’s Highlands, but also push this content out to inspire a greater audience. The partnership is driven by three key featured experiences and includes digital ad buys on social media, the creation and distribution of Instagram stories and Facebook videos, and an Influencer trip. Each of the key experiences has a supporting story on, where visitors are directed for more information, and each story incorporates website links to the operators featured within. A team from Destination Ontario and Ontario’s Highlands also hit the road to conduct two photo and video shoots in the region to gather visual content to produce the marketing assets for this partnership.

So far this summer, we have executed on two of the three featured experiences, with the third set to launch later this week. The first feature showcased whitewater rafting in the Ottawa Valley, with a story called Canadian Thrills and Whitewater Spills and we are thrilled by the traction this piece garnered. The story launched on July 3rd and by July 23rd, we saw more than 94,000 viewers entering the Instagram story (more than 6 times our goal) and over 9,800 users clicking through to the story on from Facebook (more than twice our goal). As another huge win, the Instagram story was picked up by Destination Canada, seeing the Ontario’s Highlands region showcased at the national level, reaching even more audiences and contributing to the success of this first execution.

The second execution, called the 5 Senses of Nature, focused on ways visitors can engage with nature in Ontario’s Highlands.  This second experience is just wrapping up and we’re excited by the preliminary results we’ve seen since its launch on July 31, which includes more than 7,000 page views of the story on

With the third execution and the Influencer trip yet to come, we’re well on our way to exceeding our goals for this partnership. Our third story highlights how craft drink makers across Ontario’s Highlands are incorporating elements of nature and local ingredients into their delectable beverages, which we’re calling Ground to Glass.  Promotions for this story will launch later this week and run into September.

The success and traffic we’ve seen so far really shows the power of partnerships and we’re excited to see what the remaining executions will bring. Keep an eye on your social feeds for the video and supporting content around our third execution, and follow along on social next week as YouTuber JR Alli wanders Ontario’s Highlands to discover hidden gems, local stories, and in the end, hopefully even more about himself.

Happy wandering,

Julie Mulligan

Marketing Manager, OHTO

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