OHTO Team Wanders Ontario’s Highlands: July 2018

If you follow @OHTOInsider, our Industry Twitter account, you may have noticed that the OHTO team has spent time this spring and early summer wandering some of the backroads and quaint towns across our beautiful region.

As a team, we’re constantly working to increase our knowledge of the visitor experience in Ontario’s Highlands so we can better support destination development, and inspire visitors to Come Wander. Not only have we recently attended industry-led familiarization tours, but we also planned our own tour to coincide with our time on the road during our Spring Stakeholder Sessions.

With our Stakeholder Sessions hosted in the evenings, we spent our days visiting local businesses, engaging with stakeholders, and increasing our product knowledge. This was an incredible opportunity to chat with many of you, to discover hidden gems, and to uncover some of the unique stories across the region.

During these recent tours, we’ve got a taste for some of the businesses across Ontario’s Highlands during visits to Hummingbird Chocolate, Cartwright Springs Brewery, Ontario Water Buffalo Co., and Café Whim; we’ve uncovered unique treasures at Tin Barn Market, Old Hastings Mercantile and Gallery, Pakenham General Store, The Cottage Cup, and Red Brick Emporium; we’ve embraced our artistic side with Black Bird Pottery, Haliburton School of Art and Design, and the Haliburton Sculpture Forest; and we’ve felt welcomed by the incredible hospitality at Sharbot Lake Country Inn, Stouffer Mill B&B, The Grand Hotel, Benaaron Guest House, and Marmora Inn.

We’ve enjoyed having the chance to participate in these recent familiarization tours and know that as a team, increasing our collective knowledge of the region can only make us even better at inspiring visitation. We also know there are many more incredible stories and experiences across the region we have yet to uncover, and this is where we really look to our industry partners and tourism operators to share your knowledge and feed your stories into Come Wander.

In addition to continuing to respond to our Monthly Guiding Questions, here are a few other ways you can ensure the OHTO team knows what’s happening at your business:

  1. If you’re planning or participating in an industry familiarization tour, add us to the invite list! We’d love to send one of our team members to participate
  2. Be sure to fill in our Seasonal Product Knowledge Forms to let us know what you have coming up for the Wanderers at your business each season. We plan our content a season ahead, which means we’re currently looking for fall experiences to highlight.
  3. We know there’s nothing quite the same as a conversation. If you’re not participating in a larger familiarization tour, but still want to connect with the OHTO team, we invite you to contact us to schedule a Product Knowledge Call with the team to share your new experiences, showcase your hard work, and explore ways we can work together to amplify your message.

As always, if you have any questions about ways to feed into Come Wander, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Julie Mulligan

Marketing Manager, OHTO

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