Visitors Engaging with Come Wander: October 2017

This summer, visitors and media alike set out to discover their Inner Wanders, doing a little soul-searching, chatting with friendly locals, embracing different sides of their personalities, and sharing their experiences with #ComeWander along the way.

After just one season, we’re already thrilled with how well the brand is resonating with visitors, and wanted to take this time to highlight a few of the awesome ways visitors and media have engaged with Come Wander and Ontario’s Highlands this past season:

  1. At Urban Wandering Installations – Urbanites in both Ottawa and Toronto embraced their Inner Wanderers at installations that popped up around the cities on select weekends this summer. 

    On July 8th and 9th in Ottawa, city dwellers discovered local flavours as Rustic Roamers at the ByWard Market, then embraced their inner Freedom Finder to experience an impromptu rafting trip at Britannia Beach and celebrated their Memory Maker sides with games and an evening campfire. Urban Installations popped-up in Toronto on the August long weekend, with city dwellers and visitors embracing their Creative Cruiser and Rustic Roamer sides by contributing to a large mural, sampling local flavours, and swaying to local sounds at Ontario Place on August 5th and 6th. The weekend changed to a time for relaxation on August 7th, with locals at Trinity Bellwoods Park discovering their inner Serenity Seekers during yoga sessions in the park.

    In addition to Ontario’s Highlands products, flavours, sounds, and locals, the Urban Installations all featured an oversized Highlands deck chair. This was a hit at every location, with visitors eager to climb in to snap photos and share their experiences on social media.

    Big Green Chair

  2. On Social Media – Throughout the summer, visitors joined the online Come Wander conversation, tagging their posts and photos with #ComeWander. Engagement with the hashtag was so incredible that #ComeWander had a reach of more than 10.4 million between Twitter and Instagram. In addition to using the hashtag, visitors engaged on social by tagging operators, as well as liking, commenting, and sharing posts about the region.

  3. In the Media – In addition to visitors sharing their experiences on social media, we also had media and influencers exploring the region this summer and encouraging others to do the same. 

    We mailed 20 Wandering Kits to Influencers, containing contents like a fact sheet about Ontario’s Highlands, a Wanderer-specific button, a bottle of fresh air, and a Come Wander compass. Influencers had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to these kits, with at least 5 posting Instagram Stories after receiving them.

    Between May and September, we partnered with 14 influencers on 11 influencer campaigns, bringing influential bloggers and videographers to the region to discover their Inner Wanderers. All trips were shared through influencers’ social media accounts as well as with blogs and videos posted to their professional channels, and shared on

    Wandering Kits 


    With one season under our belts, we’re feeling confident about the brand and are looking forward to continuing to work with you, our industry, to invite visitors to Come Wander Ontario’s Highlands.

    Thanks for reading,

    Julie Mulligan

    Marketing Manager, OHTO

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