Industry Embracing Come Wander: September 2017

Come Wander officially launched to consumers four months ago –can you believe it?!

Operator ComeWander Post 1Even though it’s only been one season, the reception the brand platform has received from our partners who have implemented it across Ontario’s Highlands, makes it feel like a brand that has been here all along. It goes to show just how fitting this brand is for our region that the promise is embraced by tourism stakeholders and consumers alike.

We are so excited by how quickly you, our tourism partners, started celebrating Come Wander –many of you embracing the brand even before the official consumer launch! Operator ComeWander Post 6 With the crazy summer season coming to an end, we wanted to take some time now to highlight some of the incredible ways partners like you have participated in Come Wander. In addition to the examples below, we’ve also had many partners sharing Come Wander messaging Operator ComeWander Post 3and joining the conversation on social media, and we’ve incorporated some screenshot examples of these throughout this post.

Here are a few of the awesome ways the Come Wander brand has been embraced:

1. Incorporated Online – Social media has been buzzing all summer with #ComeWander conversations, but Barrie Martin, owner of Yours Outdoors went beyond social media to incorporate Come Wander branding on a different online channel: his website. Operator ComeWander Post 9As an Experience Broker, Barrie offers a wide variety of unique experiences across Haliburton County, perfect for any type of traveller. When revamping the Yours Outdoors website, Barrie incorporated the Come Wander brand by adding in the option for visitors to view experiences based on their Wandering Persona.






2. Highlighted In-Destination – Businesses and stakeholders have been sharing Come Wander messaging and integrating it in-destination in unique ways.

Operator ComeWander Post 8

“The Caves staff are Lord of the Rings fans and love saying stuff like ‘All who wander are not lost’ so they got into the wander theme because they get it.” –Chris Hinsperger, Bonnechere Caves

When Come Wander was presented to stakeholders, the Maynooth & Hastings Highlands Business Association immediately identified with the brand and got to work formulating a plan to place colourful, yet individualized Come Wander banners in the towns and hamlets along Hastings Highlands’ main arterial roads as a start to capture the attention of travelers to notice that Hastings Highlands exists and to highlight the municipality as “Certified Wander Friendly.” Another unique integration of the wandering ideology was implemented by Bonnechere Caves this summer. Staff at the Caves embraced their own Inner Wanderers, wearing buttons to identify their persona and administering a Find Your Inner Wanderer quiz to visitors. In addition, the Bonnechere Caves Wandering Fossil Wagon was filled with fossil  samples and spent the summer wandering to events and businesses around Eganville, like the Palmer Rapids Outdoor Show, and Madawaska River Rentals. wandering-wagon-display-2.jpg



3. Promoted with Marketing Materials – Earlier this summer, we invited businesses interested in distributing Find Your Inner Wanderer contest handouts Operator ComeWander Post 4and “I’m Wandering” buttons to contact us, and we were amazed by the amount of interest we received from businesses and stakeholders across Ontario’s Highlands. We had 35 tourism partners contact us to place their orders and ended up shipping out 3350 handouts for distribution to visitors!

These three examples are just a few of the creative and awesome ways Come Wander has been embraced across Ontario’s Highlands. We look forward to many more to come and to continuing our online #ComeWander conversation into future seasons. Operator ComeWander Post 2

If you want to talk about ways to integrate Come Wander into your business, or how to best leverage the platform, please contact me to set up a One-on-One Engagement session. I’m always happy to chat about ways we can work together to invite visitors to Come Wander Ontario’s Highlands.

Have a wanderful fall,

Julie Mulligan

Marketing Manager, OHTO

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