Urban Wandering: July 2017

BigGreenChair2 As we previously shared, part of our Come Wander activation this summer involves hosting pop-up Urban Wandering Installations in both Ottawa and Toronto. With these installations, we’re taking the beauty, creativity, adventurous spirit, and authentic personality that runs through the forests, flows with the streams, weaves through the communities, and is radiated by the locals of Ontario’s Highlands out of the region and into the city!

The Wanderer travelled to Ottawa July 8 and 9 with our #BigGreenChair in tow to entice urban-dwellers to discover their Inner Wanderer, participate in a pop-up experience, take part in a larger-than-life photo-op, and share their pictures using #ComeWander on social media. BigGreenChair5

Over the course of these two days, the giant “Highlands” deck chair was a huge draw to passersby with more than 800 Come Wander compasses and promotional materials distributed and online buzz created.  This buzz resulted in an increase in both engagement and followers on our social channels as well as a reach of over 65,000 (an increase of more than 400% from the weekend before) for #ComeWander. Throughout the summer, the Urban Installations are targeting each Wandering Persona  to highlight different experiences in Ontario’s Highlands.  Here is an overview of the 2 Ottawa Installations:

  • Saturday July 8 – Britannia Beach – Freedom Finder & Memory Maker 

While children and adults flocked to the #BigGreenChair for pictures, The Wanderer and her team searched for Freedom Finders who were willing to seize the moment and spontaneously go rafting with Wilderness Tours.  A group of 5 people were chosen to immediately set out on a rafting trip on the Ottawa River. biggreenchair6.jpgThe afternoon was spent celebrating Memory Maker experiences by playing washers and ladder ball with beach goers and chatting about the ideology of wandering and escaping the city for summer adventures in Ontario’s Highlands.  As the sun set, the team set up a ‘campfire’ and brought to life the feeling of an evening on the lake with guitars and sing-alongs around the fire.

  • Sunday July 9, 2017 –ByWard Market – Rustic Roamer

Once again, the #BigGreenChair acted as a magnet, drawing in locals and tourists in the ByWard Market.  Rustic Roamer experiences were featured with visitors indulging in the tastes of Lanark County.  Samples of Hummingbird Chocolate and garlic from Two Rivers Food Hub were distributed along with Maplicious Lip Balm made by Fultons.  And to encourage further visitation to the region, free coffee vouchers for Equator Coffee in Almonte were handed out to visitors at the #BigGreenChair.


These buzz-worthy events created dialogue and fostered connections through which we shared the Wandering ideology and encouraged urban-dwellers to enter our Wandering Persona Contest for the chance to further discover their Inner Wanderer in Ontario’s Highlands. We’ve already had more than 460 contest entries since our May launch, and anticipate this number will continue to grow with the Wanderer heading to Toronto on August 5, 6, 7, our continued push of activations to support launch efforts, and the digital ads we’re running on social media and other digital platforms.

As the Wanderer heads west to visit Toronto-dwellers, she’ll be bringing along the #BigGreenChair and setting up the experiences below for the August long weekend.

  • Saturday August 5 – Ontario Place – Rustic Roamer

A Saturday in the park wouldn’t be complete without a picnic. With an expected crowd of 8,000-10,000 mingles through Ontario Place during the Art & Music Ontario festival, we will be right in the thick of it all, encouraging visitors to travel off the beaten path and join us for an artful snack. Visitors will be invited to slow down for a moment and enjoy the unique tastes of our region during an Ontario’s Highlands picnic.

  • Sunday August 6, 2017 – Ontario Place – Creative Cruiser

As Ontario Place celebrates Ontario 150 by inviting people to embrace their artsy side, we will be bringing a piece of Ontario’s Highlands’ artistic vein to the city. Festival goers will be able to express their creativity during an art workshop and not only take home the memories of the day, but a piece of their very own artwork.

  • Monday August 7, 2017 – Trinity Bellwoods Park – Serenity Seeker 

For those city dwellers that won’t be able to escape the city for the long weekend, we are bringing an Ontario’s Highlands escape to them. The uniqueness and tranquility of the Lotus Belle tent will be used to offer a relaxing space, while Gail of Holness Yoga takes Serenity Seekers through sun salutations and tree poses right there in the park!

You can get involved and leverage the buzz created by these Installations by following our social channels and joining the online conversation using #ComeWander to engage with urban-dwellers, share the beauty of Ontario’s Highlands, and invite visitors to wander over to you.

Have a wanderful day,

Julie Mulligan,

Marketing Manager, OHTO

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