One Month: June 2017

One month –that’s how long it’s been since we launched Come Wander to consumers.

In just 31 short days, we’ve gained 330 new followers and made more than 260,000 impressions across our social platforms. We’ve engaged our audiences in the conversation, seen over 1,955,000 impressions with #ComeWander, and had 795 unique visitors to, spending an average of 2 minutes, 6 seconds exploring the site.

We are thrilled with the impact we’ve made so far and are excited to continue to leverage this brand to engage consumers, share authentic stories, and inspire visitors to Come Wander Ontario’s Highlands. As we shared last month, we’re making extra efforts to push this messaging out to our consumer, support the launch, and increase awareness of the brand over the next few months.

FindYourInnerWanderer HandoutOur Wandering Persona Contest, developed to encourage visitors to discover their Inner Wanderer, has already seen more than 215 entries, and we anticipate this number will continue to grow over the summer as we continue to invite consumers to visit until September 15 to enter to win 1 in 5 Wandering vacations. Interested in sharing this opportunity with visitors to your business this summer? Contact Jennifer by June 30, 2017 to be mailed contest handouts, including “I’m Wandering” buttons, created to encourage visitors to embrace the wandering ideology and join the conversation in-destination.

The dates are booked for the Urban Wandering Installations this summer, set to pop up in both Ottawa and Toronto. Installations will be targeted to highlight a different Wandering Persona experience each day.  The dates confirmed for the Wandering Installations include July 8 & 9 in Ottawa, and August 5, 6 & 7 in Toronto, corresponding with the August long weekend. With a giant “Highlands” deck chair, The Wanderer onsite, handouts and activities taking place, we’ll be bringing Ontario’s Highlands to the city and enticing urban dwellers to Find their Inner Wanderers at these buzz-worthy events.

The Wanderer will be travelling the region this summer to help others discover their Inner Wanderers. Truly embracing the ideology of wandering, Carly is keeping her scheduling to a minimum, allowing for time to follow the signs, step off the beaten path, and experience the unexpected. Catch her regular #WanderingWednesday feature where she’ll visit one of our unique experiences in the region or follow one of her key 3 trips planned for each month in the summer where she will hit the road with nothing but her sense of discovery and excitement at the chance to see what moments happen in between the dots on the map. If you’re interested in having The Wanderer visit you this summer, please contact Carly and remember to follow along with her travels at or on Ontario’s Highlands Social Media channels.

One month ago, Come Wander was launched not only to consumers, but to both destination and local media through two media releases. With the Ontario’s Highlands region buzzing with excitement, it’s clear we’ve piqued the interest of Ontario’s storytellers as well. Since the launch of the brand, OHTO has been featured in Inside Ottawa Valley and we had the chance to team up with Marie White, of Lanark County Tourism, to discuss the new approach to marketing – and what it truly means to wander – on Lake 88, a radio network based out of Perth. The media has a significant role in our launch activities as we encourage them to discover their Inner Wanderers, distribute fun Wandering Kits to destination media to inspire them to wander to Ontario’s Highlands, invite influencers to find our Urban Wandering Installations, and execute Influencer and Media Trips to Ontario’s Highlands to share the rich stories of the region. Watch for influencers and media travelling this summer and be sure to engage with any at your business or in your community, both in person and online by keeping an eye on our social channels, following along with the #ComeWander conversation, and watching for new stories on

If you’re still wondering how you can get involved in Come Wander, here are 5 easy ways:

  1. Encourage visitors to discover their Inner Wanderers in-destination with promotional handouts and “I’m Wandering” buttons. Contact Jennifer by June 30, 2017 to arrange your shipment.
  2. Invite The Wanderer for a visit by contacting Carly and follow her journey on
  3. Share your story by answering our Monthly Guiding Questions, sent out at the beginning of each month
  4. Let us know what’s new and exciting at your business each season by responding to our Seasonal Product Requests distributed in the Highlands Highlight
  5. Join the online conversation to connect with a wider audience by using #ComeWander on social media.

As always, we’re here to help. If you have questions or could use some support for how you can get involved in Come Wander, please feel free to contact me or any of the OHTO staff.

Wishing you a wanderful summer season!

Julie Mulligan

Marketing Manager, OHTO

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