Meet the Wanderers: December 2016

With our content marketing approach, it’s more important than ever that we truly understand our visitors to create content that inspires them.

Our visitor-centric approach isn’t new. We’ve been stressing the importance of going beyond basic demographics to understand our valued guest, to focus on their attitudes, values, and motivation for travel, for years. What is new is that we’ve taken this one step further as we develop our Come Wander brand.

To do this, we expanded on our definition of our ideal visitor, the Connected Explorer. We developed the Wanderers: the Creative Cruiser, the Serenity Seeker, the Freedom Finder, the Rustic Roamer, and the Memory Maker.

The five Wanderers allow us to better identify the travel intentions of the Connected Explorers who connect with our region and support the core themes of the Come Wander brand. They provide profiles that dig deeper, that identify the preferences of our market, and that allow us to tailor our messaging to connect them with the experiences that suit their travelling desires.

We invite you to get to know the Wanderers, to identify which Wanderer resonates best with your business or organization, and tell us how you could connect with the Wanderer in the Comments section below! To learn more about the Wanderers, please click here. For each Wanderer, we’ve included a sample profile to put a fictional face to the name and best depict the lifestyle and activities suited to this persona.