Mobilizing Come Wander: October 2016

How great was it is see everyone out at the OH!Tourism Summit this past week!  From myself and Chris Hughes, I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks for attending the conference and participating in OHTO’s Come Wander Mobilization Session.  Not only was it inspiring to see how invested everyone is with the Come Wander brand platform, it was exciting to see everyone really adopt their Wandering Persona and rediscover the streets of downtown Perth.


Following the Come Wander brand presentation, delegates took to the streets of Perth to discover what it means to truly wander. Armed with a clipboard, a wandering persona, buttons, and smartphones, groups of Wanderers followed their Master Wanderer for unrehearsed exploration to capture experiences that would appeal to OHTO’s target audience.

We’d like to thank everyone who wandered with us during the session. All participants embraced their inner wanderers, exploring downtown Perth with fresh eyes and an openness to discover unexpected moments. We had Creative Cruisers exploring artists’ shops, Rustic Roamers unearthing hidden finds and local treats, Serenity Seekers discovering peace in beautiful Stewart Park, Freedom Finders pushing the limits, and Memory Makers embracing traditions with authentic locals.

mobilization-2 mobilization-3

Delegates also explored what it meant to be a storyteller and a content creator.  They were asked to visually share their stories and finds by posting photos of their exploration and tagging #ComeWander on Instagram. Following this wandering, the group reconvened to share the content developed and the stories of the region unearthed, demonstrating the power of storytelling and the unexpected moments that can arise when truly wandering.

mobilization-4 mobilization-5

What could be more inspiring than hearing the stories and experiences that happened during a short 1 hour wander through Perth? With stories of long lost relatives reconnecting, an artist’s legacy living on, and collaboration to create a mammoth cheese, it was clear to see the rich tapestry of the region and the unique stories that can only be found by throwing away the schedule, disconnecting from the every day, and trusting yourself to wander.

Along with Chris, I would like to send a huge thank you to the businesses of downtown Perth for welcoming our Wanderers and allowing us to share the story.

Did you participate in the Mobilization Session? Do you have questions about the Come Wander brand development or ways to get involved? Whether you participated or not, if you have questions or are looking for more information, please either email me at [email protected] or call at 613-629-6486 ext. 202. I do love phone calls!


Yours in Wandering,

Julie Mulligan