Developing Content and the Benefits of Doing So: September 2016

OHTO set out to Haliburton County over the last week of August with one lofty goal: to capture images that support the concept of wandering and highlight the emotions, feelings, and unique moments found by stepping off the beaten path and embracing the unexpected.

This was the first photoshoot planned to support the brand development and capture video and images that portray not only the overall Come Wander brand, but also visually represent the five wandering types. The shoot was organized to explore back roads and small shops as the Rustic Roamer, undertake hands on workshops as the Creative Cruiser, embrace traditions as the Memory Maker, get the adrenaline pumping as the Freedom Finder, and wonder at the beauty of nature as the Serenity Seeker.


Images and video captured from this photoshoot as well as future shoots throughout the region will be used to visually represent the Come Wander brand and support our new innovative content marketing strategy. As we continue to develop content and build our repertoire of Come Wander stories and images, we wanted to share some insight into the benefits of a content marketing strategy.


With online content acting as a major influencer in consumer purchasing, a content-focused approach to marketing allows us to better engage our audience. As the graphic above displays, this generates more leads at a lower cost than traditional marketing. This approach allows us to cut through advertising clutter to share our story, inspire visitation, and thrive in today’s tourism market.welcome-to-wanderland

We’re bringing cutting-edge leaders and industry experts to be delve deeper into the benefits of content marketing and provide you with the tools to share your stories at this year’s OH!Tourism Summit on October 24-25 in Perth. We hope you’ll join us to discover how to navigate the path to develop content, share your stories, and engage visitors as we continue on our collective journey to invite people to Come Wander Ontario’s Highlands.

For full conference details, please visit


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