The Wanderer Takes the First Step to Activate Come Wander: July 2016

OHTO is excited to announce the launch of The Wanderer program, a first step to activating Come Wander to the consumer.  With the movement towards Content Marketing, the focus of The Wanderer will swing towards creating engaging content in line with the creative of the brand.

The Wanderer program features 3 unique aspects as part of its activation:

  1. Evolution of the Brand Ambassador to be The Wanderer, a person who will experience and share the unique stories of Ontario’s Highlands and communicate the essence of the brand.
  2. Development of The Wanderer Blog to be an avenue for sharing unique content targeted to what it means to wander in Ontario’s Highlands.
  3. The production of the Unrehearsed Day web video series. This series will be a 5-part story highlighting what it means to truly wander, to throw away the itinerary, step off the beaten path, and embrace every unexpected moment.

OHTO’s Carly Freeman will be igniting the role of The Wanderer and as part of her journey, will be exploring what it means to truly wander; to trust to find exactly what you need, when you need it. She’ll bring her knowledge of the region, along with her expertise of stepping off the beaten path with her, and as a first step, will quite literally rely on the flip of a coin to determine her destinations. She may wander into your town, or even your business –it all depends on the answer to one question: heads or tails?

Carly will be enlisting the help of local storytellers as she chases a desire to experience an unrehearsed day. She’s setting out on these adventures with one goal in mind: to help visitors, and locals alike, discover something more about themselves; their inner wanderers.

Carly will be sharing her story through a 5 part video series titled ‘Unrehearsed Day’, which will be posted on The Wanderer blog at beginning the week of July 25. In each episode, she’ll meet with a local storyteller who will travel with her for the day. They’ll gather suggestions on hidden gems and unique experiences for them to explore, and will flip a coin to determine how their unrehearsed day will unfold. Videos will be published to the blog every two weeks. In addition to the videos, supporting blog posts will be shared, detailing her unexpected moments of self-discovery, delving into what it means to truly wander, and highlighting some of the hidden gems found across Ontario’s Highlands.

We hope you’ll enjoy following along on The Wanderer’s journey and are sure you’ll recognize some of the colourful characters we’ve enlisted to accompany her in sharing some of the stories of our region. If you have suggestions for businesses, attractions, operators, experiences, or events to be featured on The Wanderer’s blog, we’d love to hear them! Send Carly a note and let her know why visitors should wander over to your community!

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