Wheels in Motion: May 2016

Since the Stakeholder Sessions in April, it has been extremely encouraging to see the concept of Come Wander come to life and the wheels get set in motion.  Not only did we receive great feedback on the platform from the sessions and through various media outlets, but also, tourism partners and businesses across Ontario’s Highlands are starting to adopt the concept and messaging around Come Wander.  #ComeWander is popping up across the social platforms of tourism operators within the region, giving us the opportunity to engage with operators and extend messaging.  Concepts are being discussed on how to integrate Come Wander within communities and how to connect the visitor with the brand locally.  To top it all off, we have heard many amazing stories that exist throughout the region that defines the storytelling platform of Come Wander.  All of this combined is giving us great inspiration for how great this platform can really be!

During the month of May, the OHTO Team and BC Hughes came together at the beautiful Calabogie Peaks Resort for a Team Brainstorming Session that brought together all of the ideas compiled from both the stakeholder sessions and internally.  The team spent two days evaluating all of the information and drilling down into the tactical plan on what the Come Wander brand looks like from a local, industry, and consumer standpoint.  The next steps will see a detailed 2 year plan around the development and launch of Come Wander documented into a Tactical Plan.

In order to assist industry partners to integrate the Come Wander brand into their marketing and communications, OHTO is currently developing a Logo Package and Guidelines document for use within our industry.  We are aiming to have this package available next week so be sure to follow this blog for announcement of when it is available.

As part of our proposed plan for internal communications for Come Wander, we’re excited to have officially launched this new blog as a way to keep everyone in the loop on a regular basis.  As always, stay tuned to the monthly Highlands Highlight newsletter and be sure to follow @OHTOInsider on Twitter for regular updates, industry news, and tips! And don’t forget to keep sharing your stories on social media by using #ComeWander and tagging us with @ONHighlands.

Happy Wandering!

Julie Mulligan
Marketing Manager
[email protected]


The Big Reveal: April 2016

OHTO’s Come Wander Brand Platform has officially been revealed! Everyone at OHTO has been left feeling inspired following stakeholder sessions in Perth, Madoc, Haliburton, and South Algonquin. During these sessions, the team not only presented the platform for Come Wander, we also gathered valuable input and feedback from stakeholders from all levels on the next steps of the tactical execution of the brand.  The input gathered will impact the roll out of the brand on a consumer, industry, and local level.

OHTO will be compiling all input from the Stakeholder Sessions and presenting it for discussion and consideration around the Tactical Plan.  Please stay tuned by subscribing to and reading the Highlands Highlight, following@ohtoinsider, and following the journey of Come Wander on this blog.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Stakeholder Sessions and to the amazing venues that hosted us! If there are any outstanding questions or comments regarding Come Wander, please feel free to email Julie Mulligan. And don’t forget to continue to share your stories on social media by using #ComeWander and tagging us with @ONHighlands.